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What You Can Do With Old Textbooks

You can still breathe new life into old textbooks, if you know the way to recycle them.  Books still have price even though they’re old and superseded. The cool thing is, there are several different options for you when referring to recycling old books.  Here are a pair proposals for you :

1.Sell. First off, check if you’re still able to sell your textbooks.  If your area book shop won’t accept it, check on the web.  Bookstores are now branching out thru the Web, and you can compare between them to find the best offer for you. You never can tell, you could have all this cash stacked within your residence all the time!

2.Donations. If you have used textbooks, they will likely still have price to somebody else. Though new editions come out, for certain subjects, books change little.  First choice for donations can be public libraries and faculties, scholars will still need books for reference material.  2nd , there are NGOs or charities that will find advantages in them – either they may be used to teach the illiterate the best way to read, or they can be sold and the profits to be utilized for development work.  Hospices  might also accept donated books for patients. A few people also choose to just put them in a box to be given away, or maybe leave them in a public space and tracked thru a service like Book Crossing.  Who knows, someone might pick it up and give it new life.

3.Book exchange.  Swaps are becoming well-liked recently either thru your area, community or on the web. Some individuals set up swap parties whereby everybody brings books they do not want or need any longer and swap them for other books.  If you go browsing, you can send books for swapping for books or points that may go toward purchasing another used book.  Swaps are neat methods to get new books without needing to spend any cash.

Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin (Photo credit: Canton Public Library (MI))

4.Recycle.  The book might not be helpful due to damages to the book. Maybe nobody will be well placed to use it or read it.  You can still recycle the materials utilised for the book – like the paper for wrapping. You may also find surprising paths to recycle the book – as a book stand, as table legs – you can think about such a lot of different and unique ideas to utilise them.Do not think that simply because you aren’t reading or utilizing the book any more, it’s now valueless.  You can still recycle your old book in such a large amount of different  ways.


How to Sell Your Textbooks Online

College is expensive. It’s a well-known fact. Even commuting to a community  college will set you back a few thousand dollars a year. Tack on the price of  textbooks and you can easily add a couple thousand dollars expense to your  entire college education. In order to help ease the cost of textbooks, sell them  when you’re finished and are certain you won’t need them again in the  future.

Choose a Site

Do a search for your textbook on Amazon.com or Half.com, whichever you choose  to use. Search for the title or ISBN number. Once you find it, look for the  button on the page that says something like, “sell your copy.” Click it and  follow the prompts.

Filling Out your Listing

Fill in all the necessary information such as a description, condition,  shipping methods available, etc. You can offer just standard shipping or add  expedited as an option. You’ll be reimbursed more and have more potential  customers.

Make sure you fill out the description thoroughly. Buyers like books that  have adequate descriptions with the edition, condition, and peripherals. Those  sell faster, even if they cost a little more. Set a fair price to bring in  potential customers without selling yourself short.

Sell and Ship

Once your listing is ready, it will be submitted and ready on the site. Once  a buyer buys from you, you have 2 days to ship it out. It’s best to ship it  through the Post Office by media mail. Media mail is used for books, CDs, DVDs,  and other media. It’s cheaper because it takes longer and isn’t fragile.

When you package your books, always include a copy of the invoice they have  you print. Right in bold letters “Please leave seller feedback, thank you!” This  will help encourage buyers to leave seller feedback on your account. Seller  feedback is critical to your book-selling success. You’ll notice more sales  faster when you have more 5 star ratings because people trust you more.

You can also send them an email and ask for feedback. Send an email right  after shipping to let you know it shipped. In the email, ask for seller  feedback. If after 2 to 3 weeks, they haven’t left feedback, send another email  asking if they got the package and if so, to leave seller feedback. Don’t be  overly pushy, but drop a hint. Send a link to the section so they can do so  quickly and easily.

Samantha loves to write about ways to save money on college expenses. Learn  more about how to sell textbooks online while you’re in college.

Find The Best Websites To Sell Your College Textbooks To

If you’re looking to find the best websites to sell your college textbooks to  then your in the right place. I have complied a list of websites that allow you  to compare book prices, so you can find the best sites to sell your used  textbooks on. Now with so many websites that buy, sell, and rent textbooks it is  becoming ever more difficult to decide which one to use, and with more sites  popping up every day that compare textbook prices, students now have to decide  which one of these they should use. With over two hundred websites that deal  with buying used textbooks, using a textbook search engine to compare the prices  of these sites will be a vital time saver for college students.

I have chosen five textbook search engine websites that compare textbook  prices well:

Book ScouterDirect Textbook Book FinderBig Words –  Cheap-Textbooks

A few weeks ago I compared the ‘Best Websites To Sell Used Textbooks’ on, and  I did all of the leg work myself, going to each website individually to compare  textbook prices. Of course it was pointed out to me by my comrades that they  would use a textbook search engine to compare prices, and that is what I should  have used too. The first site that was suggested to me was Book Scouter, I  decided to use the same book that I had used previously, Robbins Basic  Pathology, as a control in this experiment and will refer to it as the control  or textbook in this article.

Book Scouter Review:

Book Scouter says it “helps you to sell your books for the highest price. It  compares prices from over 40 book-buying websites so that you can quickly find  the site that is paying the most for your books.” When we compared the textbook  prices we received results for 21 websites. The top five were:

1. TextbookRush.com $43.25 2. BookStores $43.25 3. Amazon.com Buyback  $43.00 *store credit 4. FirstClassBooks.com $41.69 5. We Buy Textbooks  $38.70

Our top five results from a few weeks ago looked like this:

1. Campus Book Rentals: $41.69 2. TextbookRush: $40.00 3. College  Book Renter: $39.00 4. Bunches of Books: $38.70 5. Phat Campus: $37.00

Although the price of the book has gone up by a couple of dollars Book  Scouter seems to have excluded three of our top five results when we used their  search engine to compare textbook prices. Book Scouter actually excluded our  number one pick to sell our textbook to Campus Book Rentals.

Direct Textbook Review:

Direct Textbook says it “searches over 200 online bookstores for cheap  textbooks, to save you money and time. We also help you get more for your used  books with our college textbook buyback price search.” We received offers from  18 stores their top five looked like this:

1. TextbookRush $43.25 2. BookStores $43.25 3. Amazon Trade-In $43.00  *store credit 4. WeBuyTextbooks $38.70 5. Chegg $28.71

When we used Direct Textbook to compare prices it did return the same top  three results as Book Scouter, but it did not have First Class Books in its  search results which was willing to buy our control book for $41.69. Direct  Textbook also did not compare textbook prices for: campus book rentals ($41.69),  College book renter ($39.00), and bunches of books ($38.70). Which were in our  top 5 best websites to sell used textbooks to last week.

Book Finder Review:

Book Finder does not state how many sites it uses to compare textbook prices,  but it does state that shipping costs are included. The results from their book  buy back search engine looked like this:

1. TextbookRush $43.25 2. AbeBooks $43.25 3. Amazon $43.00 *store  credit 4. Valore Books $23.62 5. eCampus $18.00

Book Finder breaks the trend a little bit by introducing AbeBooks that tied  the top dog TextbookRush for the number one spot. Yet again it excluded campus  book rentals ($41.69), College book renter ($39.00), and bunches of books  ($38.70) that we found to provide students with some competitive prices from a  couple of weeks ago. Even though Book finder introduces AbeBooks it seems to  only compare textbook prices for seven textbook websites, which excludes a lot  of websites that could offer you more money for your textbook.

Big Words Review:

Big words promises big results stating “BIGWORDS compares the best textbook  stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet.” we used  their search engine to compare prices and got these results:

1. TextbookRush $43.25 2. Amazon $43.00 *store credit 3.  FirstClassBooks $41.69 4. SellBackYourBook $24.59 5. eCampus $20.00 *with  coupon

Although they promised big time results when we used them to compare textbook  prices they came up average with their listings. Leaving out AbeBooks,  BookStores, campus book rentals, college book renter, and bunches of books. Some  of the stores that they excluded actually had prices that matched their search  engines best offer.

Big words did offer some interesting alternatives where you could list the  book through auction sites that were selling the control book for more than what  the book buy back websites were offering.

Cheap-Textbooks Review:

Cheap-Textbooks is a basic website that simple states “The Textbook Buyback  Price Finder quickly reveals best place to sell textbooks online. The secret to  sell used textbooks at the highest price is to comparison shop and use  up-to-the-minute information.” We completely agree with you that’s why we’re  comparing you to your peers:

1. TextbookRush $43.25 2. Amazon $43.00 *store credit 3.  FirstClassBooks $41.69 4. SellBackYourBook $24.59 5. BlueRocketBooks  $24.10

Cheap-Textbooks stays consistent with its peers and places TextbookRush as the  number one store to sell our control textbook on. It does not however compare  textbook prices with BookStores, campus book rentals, college book  renter, and bunches of books.

Best Website To Compare Textbook Prices:

Choosing the best website to compare textbook prices is a tough decision as  the five search engines that I used all had the same site as number one, but in  the end I would have to go with Book Scouter.

Book Scouter found four websites that would buy our textbook for forty plus  dollars, none of the other sites returned results that could match this. My  biggest disappointment would be with all of the sites reviewed as none of them  included the real top five websites to sell our textbook on, it would have been  nice to find one site that gave us these result:

1. TextbookRush.com $43.25 2. AbeBooks $43.25 3. BookStores $43.25 4. Amazon.com Buyback $43.00 *store credit 5. Campus Book Rentals $41.69 6. FirstClassBooks.com $41.69 7. CollegeBookRenter $39.00 8. We Buy  Textbooks $38.70 9. BunchesOfBooks $38.70

These previous textbook buyer websites show a true representation of where it  would be most profitable to sell our textbook. Of course when it’s time for you  to compare textbook prices your results may vary because of what book your  selling and what time of year it is, as you can see just a couple of weeks ago  TextbookRus was my second best offer and now it’s tied for number one. When  selling your textbooks there will be a lot of variables that you have to juggle  like store credit vs. cash, coupons, free shipping, and more. I would suggest  using a combination of these search engine sites to compare textbook prices, but  at the same time do your own research as these sites do not list every textbook  site that is willing to buy your books. Using a textbook search engine to  compare prices is a big time saver when your selling textbooks back, but don’t  trust the results of just one website use a combination of all the resources  available to you.

Greg Pearcey is a writer and researcher for Dirt Cheap College Textbooks.   People who are interested in staying up to date with the latest ways of saving  money when purchasing their textbooks, or getting more money for their used  textbooks should visit Dirt Cheap College Textbooks.