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Advice For New University Students

Expert Author Dr Michael A Pilon

      Guest blog by Dr_Michael_A_Pilon

From the relative controlled confines of School to the free as a bird  College  environment.


OK  a stretch ;   many scholars yield to the liberties that  Varsity  permits.  For one, there’s actually no regular check as to whether one is keeping up.  Unhappily  I have experienced many scholars with potential fall into the pitfalls of this “freedom”.  In highschool one of my great teachers gave us one or two pieces of smart guidance.  One was that time off and fun is more pleasurable and more improving if it is not each night.  The idea being that if one takes some weekend time as a reward then it implies  more.  My “big night off” was  Fri.  night.  After a heavy week of lectures, laboratories and hospital time ( I am definitely a dentist ) I was prepared for the socially  ‘unredeeming ‘ life that a local bar had to give.  And college towns had and still has some great places to take pleasure in this part of life. Not really the stuff Nobel prizes are made from, or perhaps it is.  I adored the break from the routine and the social repartee was welcome. I have a tendency to be an enjoyable loving guy and this came out in those days.  I had a Jewish classmate who noted the Sabbath beginning at Sun Down on Fridays.  I remarked, kiddingly, that I too had deep non secular practices.  “I never studied on Fridays.” Mind you I infrequently awoke at the crack of midday the subsequent morning but I spent many hours studying on  Sat.  and  Sun.    My point was that I took the information of that teacher, I anticipated those  Fri.  evenings and I suspect it broke the ice in stress release.  Another good piece of guidance I received from a fellow, who was 1 or 2 years in front of me, was to hit the library as quickly as college started.  I once read that a habit takes twenty-one days to form and the concept of going to the library, from the beginning of college, established a pattern that was a firm foundation for a steady trend.  I wasn’t stressed at  School  as I was always before the game, as far as cramming was concerned.  I loved it when I could retire to bed early the evening before examinations, having made sure I was prepared.  The time leading in to examinations was a significant part of my organisation programme. I’d divide subjects into one or two sections. For instance I’d review a subject and maybe divide it into 10 parts.  The concept was to do five sections the 1st week, then the following 5 sections in the 2nd week. The 1st night I’d study section one, then the following night I’d study section 2 with an appraisal of section one. This carried on for the 5 sections.  At then end of the first week of study I might do a full review of all parts I had studied. The second week I might do the second half the course and review it all at the end of the week.  The following days, after week 2, I might review all ten parts of the course.

This was done with all courses.  None of these reviews were the 1st time I had seen any subject.

Actually it was a real review of studied materials. In summation, enjoy  College  ;   each night isn’t play night.  In my case it was Fridays for sure, and the odd  Sat.  if an event was in the planning.  Start at the start of the high-school year to spend some time in the library or another place which is conducive to the idea of studying.

As well avoid cramming by organising your review time ahead and obviously keep up as the year advances.  And most critical, have a great time. Looking backwards that was the nicest bit of my college years.  Nothing is unhappier than hearing of  ‘Christmas Graduates’. That’s the term we used to explain scholars who failed out at  Xmas  of first year  Varsity .  Of these very few weren’t capable of greatness in  School .   all appeared to once have been cajoled into a feeling of sleepiness by letting studies slide seeing as there had been nobody to control their educational work and efforts.  Many I know returned and got degrees.   it is easy to avoid this thru careful planning and execution.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr_Michael_A_Pilon

Spending Less On School – Scholarships That Can Help You Get A Better Education

By Amanda G. Greene

Someone talks about scholarships and you think to yourself that there is no  way your kid will be eligible for a scholarship for college…no way! The truth  is that you don’t have to be raising a brainiac or talented athlete in order for  your child to be approved for a scholarship. There is actually quite a bit of  money that is allocated for incoming students and many scholarships go out to  those who simply apply and meet minimal parameters.

In order to discover about the money that is available for free you need to  do your homework. This means not only contacting Federal Student Aid websites  and local guidance offices, but it may even mean checking into and doing some  research on the Internet to access all that is available. There are tons of  informational resources and if you tap into all of them chances are that you  still won’t find all the free money options that are available to you and your  student but at least you will be taking a step down the correct path.

Numerous smaller scholarships are available, and while they may not pay all  of the semester’s tuition, obtaining several different scholarships is more than  possible and this could mean that through several unique resources you will have  your child’s entire education paid for. Those smaller lump sum scholarships can  add up rapidly and can really help to alleviate some of the financial stressors  associated with paying college tuition and other expenses.

Applying for scholarships is not only easy but it is also unlimited. This  means essentially that you can apply for as many as you are eligible for and  they are not only for those who are poor but many that are offered to specific  groups like students from single parent homes, children of veterans, even those  enrolled in a specific course of study. Needless to say there are many different  people who are eligible for scholarships and most people fall into many  different categories when applying. From race to gender, course of study to  financial background, there are millions of college scholarships available.

Learning about what money is available usually begins with a visit to your  child’s guidance office. Here you can launch your quest to acquire the  information that you need in order to get extra money for your child’s college  tuition. Even just $300 here and $500 there can really mount up, so don’t look  at the dollar amount. Instead just think free money and before you know it your  tuition payments will be greatly diminished.

As a parent sending a kid to live on campus you will need to supply dorm  bedding. One of the best sites to locate this is Residence Hall Linens, they have a large selection and  associates to help you with any questions. Go to RHL.org right now for all your dorm room  necessities.