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Where to Find Cheap Used Textbooks

College education is expensive, we all know it very well. For college students who didn’t come from a lot, they need to manage their college life better especially with the limited allowance they have. There’s an option to get student loan but it is highly advised that you only take student loan for essential needs like tuition and boarding otherwise you can fall into a big financial trouble. What’s important is to understand what you have and how to optimize it.

Off course, the education cost isn’t only tuition fee. There are many other items on it and one of the most significant ones is textbook. Yes, students are required to have college textbooks to support their study and having own textbooks may offer optimum benefit rather than counting on those textbooks on the library. The issue is obvious: textbooks can be quite costly. It can be quite burdening to get the textbooks you need even only for one term. This is why you need Cheap-textbook.com. This online service is the true treasure for college students. No wonder as this online service is dedicated to provide price comparisons of textbook and guideline to find the best place to get the textbook at cheapest price.

Yes, it is like your one stop guide to find the textbook you need. It has online form you can submit the title or ISBN of the book you need and you will get list of price comparisons. It provides various options from new, used, or rental books. This information helps you to easily determine which option is the best for your actual need. Off course, it also comes with complete information where to buy or rent the cheapest textbooks near your area. Prefer a digital book? Don’t worry. This portal also has complete information to find digital textbook at best price. Want to focus on just Used Textbooks? Check out Used-College-Textbooks.info


Review Of Website For Buying Cheap Used College Textbooks

Cheap-Textbooks.com is mainly a textbook, price comparison website. The site itself doesn’t try to sell shoppers anything; what it does is list which cheap, college textbooks are available for sale from other websites. These websites tend to be the big name merchants in buying textbooks online and includes everything from Amazon, Chegg, Bigger Books and Powell’s.

Many of the textbooks listed from these merchant it’s have some kind of discount, sometimes as high as 95%.

Compare Cheap College Textbooks

The online textbook comparison engine will give an up to date listing of what websites are selling the book that you are looking for. Students stand a good chance of finding nearly any textbook considering the engine is linked to 50 different textbook sellers.

Searchers are given the option to hunt down books by ISBN number, author and book title. The search itself is pretty fast and the results are there in a few moments.

Cheap-Textbooks lists their current, favorite booksellers and seems to encourage shoppers to check them out.

Textbook Coupons

Students looking for the most current discounts and coupons can go to the coupon section. This is a list that is updated daily and shows the online stores and their current discounts.

The information provided includes the amount of the discount, the coupon code and when it expires.

Free Books for College

Due to the large increase of websites offering free eBooks (books in digital format), they have made a section listing what sites are offering these free eBooks and their general information. When looking at the descriptions of the websites you can see there are many different types of free digital books. It seems up to the searcher as to what they will find useful for their current curriculum.
Sell Your Used Textbooks books

A handy feature that Cheap-Textbooks has is the online comparison tool that will show you where to sell your used textbooks and at what price.

While students will never get full value for their used college books, at least they can get something to ease their financial burden. Selling your used books can save you the hassle of hauling around something that you will probably never use again.

Textbooks Sellers List

An aid to students or graduates wanting to pass on those used textbooks is the Textbook Sellers Master List. The list has different features such as what stores sell, buy or rent textbooks and their shipping terms.

Student Essentials

Towards the bottom on the right at the home page is a section named Student Essentials. This gives links to the already discussed areas of the website and more. These include a live coupon search engine for products such as food items or even clothing. The search goes by zip code. There is also an area providing students with tips on finding a good deal on school books.

When looking over the whole website at Cheap-Textbooks, you will find cheap college textbooks and a large amount of useful information presented for a student. They also have mobile apps available in Apple or Android format so students can search for cheap textbooks anytime on their phones, ipads or tablets. Student can visit Cheap-Textbooks.com to start searching for the best prices and discounts in college text books.

Students use varying methods to combat rising textbook prices

“I bought my nutrition book directly off the McGraw (publishers) website,” Malen said. “I want to say the book cost me about $80 and the bookstore price was over $100.”

Since 2002, the price of college textbooks has increased 82 percent, according to a 2013 report on college textbook costs issued by the Government Accountability Office. In response, the outcome has been weighing heavily on students’ wallets for more than a decade.

To purchase her books at lower rates, Malen, a Sterling Heights senior, looks at less expensive options. With the kind of savings offered by online sellers, those options are well worth the extra effort.

Malen uses Amazon.com or, if they have what she’s looking for, checks the Student Book Exchange, located at 209 E. Bellows, to find her textbooks.

However, after looking elsewhere for cheaper prices, Malen can’t get away from the high cost of books. So far she has paid $200 for rented textbooks for her four classes this semester.

For students like Joe Julet, a Berkley senior, going online and getting a cheaper price isn’t enough to save a buck.

Julet writes down the bookstore’s prices for materials he needs before comparing them with sites such as Chegg.com, Amazon.com or Textbookrentals.com.

“I find I save at least 50 percent on what I would be paying at the bookstore,” he said. “My science book for this semester was $200 and you could rent it from Amazon starting at $45.”

When the semester ends, he uses a site called Valorebooks.com to sell back his books. He’s waiting for at least one check, worth $25, while having received another for $30 after selling back books he used last semester.

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Where do you buy your cheap used college textbooks?

Use the comment box below. What book sellers do you like to buy from? Not search engines or price comparison sites but the actual book seller that you buy most of your books from and why.