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Using a Textbook Search Engine Finds the Best Buyback Prices

University Students Find 355% More Buyback Money For Their Textbooks When They Use a price comparison service to Sell Their Textbooks.

Campus Shift announced the results of its examination of college textbook buyback book prices using the top 50 textbook titles purchased in January 2013. This infographic highlights the incredible amount of money students may find when comparing online buyback services when selling their textbooks.


The study found that comparing online textbook buyback vendors netted students an average of $25 more per textbook, for an average buyback price of $50. Students that purchased the textbooks in the study would receive $500 more for their books over the year with the help of the textbook search engine.

“The textbook buyback season is upon us as students prepare for their final exams,” said Jeff Lorton, VP of Marketing with Campus Shift. “Unfortunately, many students have not yet mastered the game of buying and selling textbooks and never will, which is why we built Campus Shift to help them reduce or even eliminate their textbook costs.”

Campus Shift found the range of buyback prices online varied greatly and students that fail to compare textbook prices are losing a lot of potential money. Sadly, those students who go to the bookstore for the on campus buyback may lose more as they are captive to only one buyback offer.

Students still may have a textbook that is worthless because a new edition was released or there are too many used books in the market. To counter this and to complement the recent trend of professors allowing students to use old editions of textbooks, Campus Shift just launched its student-to-student textbook marketplace. Students can sell their textbooks to other students netting the seller more money and allowing students get a better deal by cutting out the textbook middlemen. By combining a textbook search engine and a textbook marketplace, Campus Shift hopes to help students eliminate their textbook costs.


Textbook bargains if students do the research

With the beginning of a new college year comes the start of new classes, new chums and new costs.

With tutoring paid, dormitory rooms and flats decorated and prepared for living and meal plans set for spending, we are prepared to take on the issues of our new classes, right?  Sadly , no.  For most scholars, the most terrible cost of the college year is purchasing textbooks.  I went to scout costs for my books this year at the  School   Bookstore, in the hope of spending a tiny bit less on books than I did last year ; this was not right.  I spotted the gigantic line of scholars winding thru the store and, pairing that with the costs of my books, it made me wonder how much cash the store essentially makes on all this text.  What scholars are basically coughing up for when they buy their books isn’t the paper, not the ink, but the certainty that books contain ; the concepts, thoughts and equations that gurus of their field have written down and printed.  This information is very important so helping scholars learn in their various field of study, but if only half the content in the book is covered in class, is it basically worth $300?  The school book shop  is amazing in that it stocks the precise books that instructors use for their classes.  Never will a student ask for a book for their class the book shop doesn’t stock.  Maybe  convenience is cause for high costs.  But where can scholars who need to save a little bit of cash go so as to get their books for less?  I was latterly speaking to a man in one of my research classes about this subject.  He let me know that he purchased his book for only 4 greenbacks rather than the $150 that I was just about to spend on mine.  He simply ordered his online. Although he had to hang about for the book to literally ship to his residence, he saved 96 % on his book matched against the one at the book shop.  Books don’t need to drain your checking account.  The school book shop  is an excellent spot to get your books ; it still is where I am getting almost all of mine.

Nonetheless for people that have a restricted budget or for those deal seekers out there, with a tiny bit of looking and some patience, scholars can spend seriously less money on their compulsory textbooks by getting them thru used bookstores and internet sites like amazon, ebay or buy-cheap-textbooks.com.