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5 Best Sites To Find Cheap PDF Textbooks

As college textbook prices skyrocket students are turning to cheap PDF textbooks. We have searched and found 5 sites that help you locate PDF textbooks.


Save money with this guide to finding cheap and free college textbooks PDF sources. In recent years we have seen an increase in availability for open source and free college PDF textbooks. Take a look at this list we have compiled of cheap PDF textbook sources and where to get free college textbooks pdf.

#2 Get Cheap & Free TextBooks – CollegeStudentTextBooks

Download cheapest textbooks for college in PDF or ePub format without any restrictions. We have eTextbooks, eBooks, audiobooks, video courses and more!

#3 The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks

Here’s a source for free textbooks in PDF form that focus primarily on accounting, economics, engineering, IT, marketing, and management.

#4 7 Websites to Download PDF Textbooks – LightPDF

7 Websites to Download PDF Textbooks. Free Book Spot; Free Tech Books; Project Gutenberg; Textbook Revolution; Bookyards; EbookLobby …

#5 Links to help you find free pdf versions of college textbooks …

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination.

Cant find a cheap PDF textbook? This site will locate the cheapest textbooks free. Just enter the ISBN or title/author and find the lowest prices for new, used and even rental books.


Save up to 95% When You Buy or Rent the Cheapest Textbooks

Price comparison websitesWant the cheapest prices when buying or renting textbooks? My #1 tip is to comparison shop . There are a number of websites that provide this type of service. See what one of the original Price Comparison sites say about getting the cheapest textbook prices.

These services compare book prices and help you save money on Books & Textbooks. Compare book prices to find the best price for new, used and rental books and college textbooks at the major Online Stores. Most Book Price Comparison sites are free and easy to use.

Textbook price comparison services search dozens of stores and displays them in an easy to read table, listing the cheapest prices first.

How to pay less for textbooks

To buy or not to buy — when it comes to buying textbooks, your options can be limited. To save or not to save, here are some FreeP tips on the costly world of buying textbooks at Boston University.

Barnes & Noble

Centrally located in Kenmore Square, the Boston University Barnes & Noble is the primary provider of textbooks and classroom materials on campus. Students can order their textbooks through the BU Barnes & Noble website for pickup at the store or dorm or home delivery. If you want to stretch your legs, you can also peruse the shelves of textbooks at the bookstore.

Expect no sales or discounts for new materials. However, renting or buying used editions, if available for that course, are money-saving alternatives for the frugal-minded student. The conditions of used editions may vary, but the books are generally in readable condition.

A cornerstone of BU, the Barnes & Noble in Kenmore provides many options in both the purchasing process and price variance. However, for those seeking the cheapest textbooks, this store may not be the perfect choice.


If full price isn’t your thing, Amazon is a great alternative to the shelves of Barnes & Noble. While some of the prices on Amazon are comparable with the Kenmore-located store, most textbooks can be purchased at a heavily discounted rate. Amazon also has a wider array of used textbook options at very low prices.

While Amazon can deliver textbooks to your dorm, you can also pick up — and return if you ordered the wrong ones — at the Amazon Locker at 870 Commonwealth Ave. Located across the street from the College of Fine Arts and the College of General Studies in West Campus, this brick-and-mortar Amazon store is helpful for those in a rush or unable to pick up books through the campus mail system.

The drawbacks of using Amazon for all your textbook shopping needs is that it may not have specific editions that a professor demands for a course. Comparing prices and hunting down these specific versions can also be time-consuming. However, if you’re a true penny pincher, the time spent will be worth it.

Selling Textbooks

Unless you are a passionate textbook collector, you may not need many textbooks after you have completed a specific course. Instead, you can sell textbooks for cash. At the end of each semester during final exams, students will find trucks and vans along Commonwealth Avenue with the sole purpose of buying textbooks.

The buyers always pay in cash, but they may not purchase all the textbooks you have.

If you are still strapped with certain textbooks after visiting the numerous buyers on the street, try selling to other students through the various BU class groups. While syllabi may change, textbook requirements for courses often remain the same.

Additional Tips

Don’t buy your textbooks over the summer. Wait until you attend class and go over the course syllabus. The professor may change his or her mind and decide to make certain textbooks optional or remove them.

Boston has many great local bookstores, but don’t rely on them for your textbook needs. Local shops may have new and used books, but they most likely will not carry that special microeconomics textbook you need.


Working towards a cheap book future

Textbook costs have been the bane of college students for a long time. Quill West, the director of the Open Education Project at Pierce, says textbooks are almost like a “hidden cost,” since they aren’t listed as part of tuition costs.

“Access is a big issue,” West said. “Many students don’t buy textbooks at all because of the price, knowing full well that it may affect their grades, and community college students are the ones most likely to not be able to afford them. Textbooks are supposed to be a support structure for students that helps them learn. They cannot fulfill that role if they are such a financial burden.”

According to West, the goal is not to simply replace the role of traditional textbook publishers. The Open Education Project is a combined effort by students, Pierce faculty, and state legislators to bring cheaper, perhaps even free, options to students when it comes to textbooks. Already, the Joint Base Lewis-McChord campus has one such program up and running: Pierce Open Pathway (POP). All five of Washington’s public universities and The Evergreen State College accept credits from this transfer degree, and saves students costs by allowing a mixture of free resources both online and from the library that teachers can also use for a more customized class experience rather than having to rely explicitly on traditional textbooks.

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OER Saves Students $1 Million in Textbook Costs

September 26, 2017 – Over the last few years, several Santa Fe College professors opted to forego the use of traditional textbooks and use Open Educational Resources (OER) to save students money.  OER content is licensed in a manner that provides perpetual permission resulting in the ability to retain, reuse, revise, and redistribute content.

During Fall 2016, there were 98 sections using an OER.  During Fall 2017, that number more than doubled with 207 sections. As a result, there has been over one million dollars in savings for students since tracking began.

The average yearly cost of textbooks per student is approximately $1,200. Studies have shown how the high cost of textbooks has affected student learning and academic choices in several ways including taking fewer courses, not registering for a specific course, dropping, withdrawing or failing a course or earn a poor grade.

Over 66 percent of students do not purchase the required textbook.  This greatly affects their ability to be successful. Using OER enables students to learn without the financial hurdles printed textbooks can present. Many online OER have a low-cost print option if students wish to have a hard copy.

A list of courses/instructors using OER can be found at

If you are interested in using an OER, would like more information, or your name is not on the listing, contact

Today@Santa FE