Cut Back on Your Student Expense with Student Discounts

College life is all about partying with friends, binge watching favorite TV shows and pulling all nighters during exams. Basically it’s all about living life abundantly with no curfews and fixed routines. Students start to make decisions and experience life on their own in this phase of life. They also apply for full-time or part-time jobs in addition to their studies. This means making practical decisions about expense management and avoid being broke in the middle of the month. This can create added pressure on students and can disrupt their studies and adversely affect their career. A student can survive in the real world after learning to manage their finances in their student life first. A lot of practical knowledge about the real world can be achieved through cost-effective living during student life. So students should spend their money smartly and cut back on their expenses. Student discount cards allow students to avail great discounts on a wide range of products and reduce their expenses. There are various types of student discount cards available in the market. So instead of subscribing to multiple cards a student should subscribe to a card that perfectly caters to his/her needs. The main USP of a student discount card is that it offers discounts on a wide range of products. Also, many retailers provide discounts to students on showing their University ID. Some of the aspects of student life where a discount can be availed are listed as follows:

    • Retail: Many retail stores offer good discount to students, but students may not be able to couple this discount with any other promotion or offer.


    • Technology: It is an important part of student life; students use technology for studying, portfolio development, internship searches and research. Students can avail discounts on purchase of computers, various software and other technical accessories.


    • Entertainment: Many concert venues, game parlors, theaters, and sporting events which are in the vicinity of a college offer a reduced price for students of that college.


    • Travel & Transportation: A lot of money can be saved by availing to student discounts offered by public transportation systems. Also, students can book hotels and flights at a cheaper rate by using their card.


    • Magazines: Almost all major magazines and newspapers offer a special discounted subscription to students.


  • Phone Plans: Many telecom companies offer special packages to student.

Though many restaurants offer student discounts they’re not always exclusively advertised. So it is advisable to check with local restaurants about discounts before placing an order.

YUP card is one such card that has all the student deals. It compiles all the available offers on food & beverages, travel, health & beauty and other miscellaneous products and encodes them in the card. For more details please visit us at:


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