Improving Security In Campuses

The large number of students that a campus accommodates can make it very hard to control who enters and leaves the school. It can also make it hard to make entry searches so as to avoid dangerous things like guns from finding their way into the campus. With continued rising cases of crimes in schools it is up to every campus administration to ensure that measures are put in place to improve the security levels in the learning institutions. Even the smallest changes can make a difference and prevent ugly situations from happening.

Create specific entry and exit points – One of the best ways of controlling access to the campus is to minimize the number of spots that offer easy access to the compound. This means having a reliable perimeter wall that makes it harder for people from outside to access and those from inside to get out. You can have gates in different locations to accommodate the number of students from different points but they should be just enough and easy to manage.

Hire a security team – Not many campuses have manned gates yet this is something that can help in improving the security levels within campuses. The fact is that if all students understand that they will have to go through security checks when entering the school, then they will be very careful with what they carry with them to school. The team should have the necessary security equipment and should be reliable in service delivery.

Consider security patrols – They are not only necessary during night time to protect students who board and the property at large but also very important during the day because some crimes take place in broad daylight. The patrols can be a combination of foot patrols and car patrols and they should around all sensitive areas including parking lots, entrance and behind buildings and others. With such patrols, it can be easy to stop events as they occur.

Issue ID cards – They should not just be for students, but also for staff members. It is even better to make it mandatory for everyone to wear the cards so that it is possible to pick out strangers amongst the students and staff. With the right system in place, the cards can be used with access control systems and class attendant tracking systems. The more possible it is to control school traffic and to track individual class attendance the easier it will be to tell risky spots.

Hire trustworthy staff – A campus cannot run without lecturers and subordinate staff and the least you can do is to conduct background checks just to be sure about the kind of person you are about to hire for an open post. It is important to remember that a wrong staff member can use students for different kinds of attack or they can also pose harm to the students and the school at large. Find out as much as you can about the staff members before hiring.

ID card software and system can help you improve the security around campus. When you issue student IDs and you are able to track student attendance, it becomes easier to curb crime. You can use an integrated system to capture biometrics and get reliable access control systems.

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