Textbookdollars Now Offering Free Textbook Shipping to Students

  Textbookdollars, one of the leading U.S. purchasers of used textbooks, continued its industry-leading innovations by announcing free shipping on all buybacks of textbooks that total at least $15.

The founder of the company, Michael Rozinsky, added to the announcement by commenting, “We’ve been very pleased with the response to our easy-to-use website and 1,2,3 process for cashing in on your used textbooks. We are taking this step to make it even easier for students and individuals to take advantage of our services.”

Students who have used textbooks simply go to the website, enter the title of their textbook for a quick search and indication of the price offered, ship out any titles found, and get promptly paid via PayPal. With the new free shipping service many students will find this a simple and fast way to put dollars back in their pockets with almost no effort and no expense.

Concluding his announcement, Rozinsky stated, “We seek to set the trends in our market and have done so by such offers as accepting water-damaged books and textbooks with writing and highlighting on the pages. Along with our user-friendly website, we see this as just one more convenience for our customers.”

To implement the new process, the company has added one additional printout to its website. Once students have gone to the website, checked the prices offered and selected the books they seek to sell and ship to Textbookdollars, they simply hit enter. The first form printed serves as a confirmation and packing slip. If the total of the books being sent for buyback totals at least $15, a second item is printed as a FREE UPS shipping label. The student simply affixes this to his package, drops it off, and waits for the payment to show up in the PayPal account they designate.

Textbookdollars accepts a wide variety of used and new textbooks and their website is constantly updated with the list of textbooks it is buying and the prices offered.


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  2. […] Textbookdollars Now Offering Free Textbook Shipping to Students […]

  3. […] Textbookdollars Now Offering Free Textbook Shipping to Students (buy-used-college-textbooks-cheap.com) […]

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