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The Semester Over: Sell Your Textbooks NOW!

The semester has come to an end and you are left with a stack of barely used textbooks. Most you will never open again so put them to good use. You can sell your textbooks and recover some of your initial cost. Generally the earlier you sell the better the price so start NOW. You wont get rich but even a few dollars recovered will help you buy next semesters textbooks.

How much are your books worth? Prices vary by merchant and if you are selling to a book seller or to a student.

To get an idea of the retail value visit and find your titles. You will see “new” prices and then you should see used prices listed. Look for the particular edition you are selling. The used prices are a good indication of what you can ask for the book from students.

For wholesale prices a textbook price comparison service is the fastest way to get bids from multiple buyers. Sites like offer used textbook buyback quotes.

Don’t wait too long to sell to a bookseller or your books will become worthless. If you prefer to sell to a student you can wait until the next semester begins and if the book is in demand, your price should be better.

Selling it yourself – Post an Ad

Where do most students look for things to buy? That would be online. Amazon and eBay are favorite hang outs, but if you are looking for a local following, then check out Craigslist. It is best to post your book(s) on only one site and include photos and a description. If you marked it up, say so. Match Amazon’s price and you may find a buyer right away. (If you list on multiple sites you may end up selling it multiple times, ouch!)

Visit the Bookstore

Your campus bookstore may buy your books back, but do no expect to get much for them. Use this store as a site of last resort, once you have exhausted your other options.

Try Renting

If you don’t like the whole textbook selling game consider renting. You pay a fixed price up front and simply mail the textbook back at the end of the semester.