Reducing College Textbook Costs

Students can snap up all of their needed textbooks without sapping all of their funds.

It will take a bit of planning and hustle.  Less-expensive rental and PDF options have broadened.  Apple, for instance, launched its new e-textbooks platform in  Jan , and the Nation’s organisation of  College Stores announces all of its three thousand member stores will have their own rental programs this semester, up from 1,500 in 2010.  Either renting a title or getting it as an ebook could cut each textbook price in half — or better — as book vendors compete.

At Barnes & Noble, “Spanish for Business and Finance” costs $81.34 new, but as little as $19.68 as a rental, a 76% discount. Additionally, an increasing number of professors are making the decision to use supposed open-source textbooks, which are free. That implies more scholars might come up against those texts this semester, Allen claims, and could see more of them if they lobby professors to utilize them. Not every textbook is available as either a rental or an PDF, and pricing varies widely, claims Charles Schmidt, a speaker for the Nation’s organisation of  College Stores.  Scholars  hunting for the best deal could find they have to rent some books, get a few as ebooks and print copies of the rest.  Below are a couple of tips for maxing out your savings.

Weigh book bundles – It is not uncommon for publishers to make online homework additions to go with a textbook. By law, they should offer each part separately, so scholars are not compelled to buy more than they want. It may be less expensive to buy the text and access code for online materials as a bundle instead of separately.  Pearson sells a “Maternal &  Kid  Nursing Care” bundle with a textbook and online access code for $155.40.  The text itself is as inexpensive as $95.80 ( used ) on other sites, but online access costs $66.67 acquired separately — driving the total purchase to $162.47, or five percent  more. Some net access codes are single-use, as well, so purchasing a second hand text or renting may not reduce costs on those additions, asserts Allen.  “That’s burned plenty of students,” she is saying.

Check for coupon codes – There are usually motivations that may cut bills further, or sweeten a pricey  purchase.  Thru  Sept. 30, Amazon has a $5 MP3 credit that is worth $25 in new textbook purchases, and lets users enter the code “AUGRETAIL” thru August.  31 for an additional five % off a one rentals and ten percent off 4 rentals.  Schmidt announces scholars should check their university bookstores, plenty of which regularly run back-to-school deals on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Review renting contracts – Some services appraise fines for unwarranted highlighting, or for returning a book after the rental period finishes. Rental site Chegg charges a 15-day extension charge that varies primarily based on the book’s cost, and then later charges what’s left of the book’s price if the book still isn’t returned.  In ebook formats, rentals may restrict the amount of pages you can print — and vanish from the e-reader when the rental term ends, with any electronic notes you made.  Renting would possibly not be cheap, either, if the text is one that you may use over one or two semesters.  “It’s fine if you are an engineering major who’s taking a philosophy course to satisfy a humanities requirement,” announces Schmidt.

Compare all formats –  Electronic books  and rentals are sometimes less expensive, but do not discount old school used print copies.  By Amazon’s guesstimates, buyers could save as much as sixty percent on textbooks by purchasing them as electronic books — eighty percent if they decide to rent an ebook, and ninety percent if purchasing a second hand print text. Design text “Fundamentals of Building Construction : Materials and Methods,” as an example, is $66 as an electronic book, a 7% discount off the $71.32 price for the new hardcover.  Used print versions begin at $55, a 23% discount.


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