More People Opting To Purchase College Textbooks Online

According to college students are opting to purchase textbooks online instead of at the college bookstore. According to Maureen Mespell “More and more parents and students are choosing to skip the bookstore and go online to find the best bang for their buck”. She continues by saying “Sites like offer larg discounts and huge selections.The sites even offer a gift card for returning the books when they aren’t needed anymore. To bring down shipping and handling fees there is a way to find out where the seller is and what kind of customer reviews they have.”

But shopping online isn’t without a few risks.

IPFW student Brett Gauger says, “In the seller’s account it will tell you the condition of the book. It may say, ‘Book may have scratches or highlighting. That’s kind of a gamble that you take. You take a risk to purchase these used books.”

An important step is to check what edition the professor is using in class.

If a workbook is required it might be better to spend the extra cash at the book-store.


To compare online prices try this site


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