3 Ways to Find Cheap Used Textbooks

College textbooks are rather expensive, and you’re going to find out that if you’re on a college student budget, you’re not going to have the most money in the world. Now if you’re frugal like I am, you’re probably wondering how you can find the cheapest textbooks online. I wanted to give you some pointers that you can use, when you want to find the cheapest books online.

Try sites such as Amazon – Big name stores such as Amazon and more allow you to purchase used books from various sellers. Any seller can set up an account, and all you will have to do is search out the book that you want, and click on the used books section, rather than the new book section. This alone will save you 80% or more on your books alone.

Check out your college book store – Your college book store does have used versions, and yes, you will find that most of them are relatively comparable with the books being sold online. Just to play it safe, you will want to find compare online.

Use price comparison engines – Google has a fantastic product search that you can use, when you want to find the cheapest product for just about anything. Simply Google, “product search” and you will be able to find and compare the books via tens, if not hundreds of merchants online. This is a great way to find the cheapest price possible. Another cool trick to use is to make sure that you search for coupon codes for that bookstore as well.

These tips will generally find you the cheapest book. You’re going to want to make sure that you highly consider purchasing used, as you’re going to be able to get the best price possible.

Want to know the textbooks cost for your next class? See what others are paying, as well as how you can save big!



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